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Ethical Content Marketing for Thoughtful Brands

Contributing to a future that's honest, greener & altrustic.

Contributing to a future that's

Content Marketing with a Conscience...

When you think of ethics you may associate it with zero-waste, plastic-free and reducing your carbon footprint.  All good stuff! However ethical content marketing specifically focuses on how to attract ideal customers without tricks.  It uses honest and transparent processes with emphasis on educating and inspiring change.

Ethical marketing doesn't endorse:

Would you like help navigating the principles and practices of ethical marketing? 

What is ethical content marketing?

Why is it important?

It uses stories to educate, inspire and empower.  It uses methods that doesn’t capitalise on mental health, encourage debt or trick people into buying.  

It helps to build: 

Content marketing is a subtle way of helping your audience to think of you, when they need to make a considered purchase!


How can I help?

My mission is to help tell the stories of brands who do good and support their communities. 


I combine content writing and copywriting with UX influences for the distracted digital customer.

Hire me for:


I use a blend of strategy, analytics and paid advertising to reinforce  your ethos and grow your tribe.

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I teach jargon-free lessons face-to-face (North Wales based) and online,  to businesses and their staff.

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About Chelsea

I work remotely in rural North Wales where I partner with UK  businesses and agencies who wish to utilise ethical marketing practices, to help build a socially responsible and thoughtful world.

I’ve been in the digital industry 12+ years assisting the educational, technology, outdoor tourism and wellness sectors with content writing, strategy and training.

In my free time I teach yoga and host wellbeing retreats under my personal brand.  I’m an avid hiker and paddle- boarder with my Labrador Bel! 

Case study: A Girl for all Time

With a popular eCommerce shop,  AGAT wanted to expand their indie-business with a product range that reflected their diversity and inclusion ethos.  To do so would require a large initial investment.  

It was decided that Crowdfunding would be an innovative way to keep costs low and minimise risk whilst testing the market.  

Over a 3 year period,  I helped to promote 4 crowdfunding campaigns and raised over £60,000. With the funds,  the brand introduced 2 dolls of colour and their first boy doll!

Here’s a summary of the strategies I implemented. 



Working with Chelsea over the last 5 years has been a delight - not only has she been a huge asset professionally, but she has become a personal friend as well. 

Chelsea has been in charge of social media accounts and planning / content for my small independent children’s brand, A Girl for All Time. She has been a big part of my brand’s success over the last few years, from helping to craft our image to finding our brand’s voice through social media, blogs and customer interaction. 
Chelsea is always professional, insightful and a delight to work with.

Frances Cain


Let's make the world a better place together.